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May 30, 2000

Soon I'll be posting a registration form (along with an official event description) on this site to sign up for TONMOcon.

Payment will be made via PayPal (like the TONMO.com Supporters program). Cost will be per-person, so if you're collecting money from guests, you should re-use the form to register each of your ceph-loving buddies. When you show up at the convention, we'll check your name against a list and hand you a ticket or wristband or nametag or something in return.

We're working to finalize cost, so it could be some time before it's posted, but wanted to let you know this is moving along.

The agenda is looking great!
The registration covers the Saturday events only, which are at the convention center. Friday's event (MRABI tour) is no charge. The first 40 people who reserve a slot (20 for each group) will be granted access. Sunday's events include going to the Aquarium -- that fee is separate and you'll need to pay the aquarium yourself. Also, rooms and transport are yours to pay.

So, by registering via the form above, you'll get access to Saturday's events (listed on the registration page), plus catered lunch on Saturday.

Hope this helps!
Hi Squidman

There is another thread about the tour, with a poll. I thought you had answered with you plus your dad for either time, but I haven't checked. I've got a chart with the numbers of people and the times.

Registration is one price. Aquarium entry is not included, because a number of TONMOers have memberships, and others will get the two-days-for the price of one deal with some hotels, which they could use for TONMO's visit. I hope this helps answer your question.
Melissa said:
Eric, I bet something can be worked out.


A few ideas:
-- mail Tony a check
-- wire money to someone who can use PayPal
-- doesn't paypal have some way of using a credit card for an extra fee?
-- in the worst case, since it's just $30 registration, I could pay it and you can pay me back at TONMOcon itself. Or skip the middle man and see if Tony will let you give him an IOU and pay him when you get to Monterey

is the problem with the HK$ to US$ exchange rates and stuff? (does HK still have its own currency rather than being tied to mainland China?)
Hey, wait a minute...back door deals on Tonmocon???? LOL... :lol:
Any of us would anny up the money for you Chrono...a 'con without members like you would be a dud !!! You have to be there!!!

Hong Kong uses the HK dollar which takes about 7.4 of them to make one US dollar. Eric's registration is the youth rate of $20 US. And by the time Eric reads all this, he will have already contacted Tony off-site to make sure that he will not be excluded! :wink: Eric, we're all really glad you'll make it.

Yeah, you'll be the only one there my age, and I will be able to talk to a teen who actually knows about squid! (Out here in God-Forsaken Rock, USA, nobody at any age knows anything about cephalopod systematics.)
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