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About octo shopping


Sepia elegans
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Jan 6, 2005
Ya, I'm just wondering if you have to buy your octopus or whatever online. I don't like shopping on the web, (although I realize that this is the future, malls will become obsolete!) I would like to buy one in a store if possible... or am I just dreaming?
I would think that, living on the coast, you'd find some in stores. Maybe some of our Canadian members can respond to this.

Some local fish stores do carry octopuses but few know how to take care of them. Ordering online (or by phone) really works, at least in the US.

i am from canada also. i got my octopus from a local store, although it came in by accident and so did every octopus ive ever seen in store. so they do get octopus from time to time, but i dont think they can even order them in specially if they wanted to, its just something you have to wait for.