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? about chiller


Aug 29, 2006
I am about to buy a chiller but not wanting to drop $800.00 bucks on it.So i am looking into used i have noticed some of the older chillers use copper tubing.We all know not to use copper medication i assume i can not use these older chiller cuse of the copper?Thanks for all the replys in advance.

As far as I know, you shouln't use anything with copper tubing. Copper pipes elevate copper levels in our city drinking water, so it would probably do the same in a chiller. Does anyone else know more?

I thought there were some newer, less expensive chillers on the market. How large is your tank?

If this is for bimacs, you might be able to find ways to lower your temperature such as using a fan on the sump. Of course, it will mean keeping your air conditioner fairly low (70 degrees) in summer!

The tank is 75 with 20 gallon sump it has two of Zyan's bimacs in it the temp is riding at 73-75 it jumps up and down.My goal is to keep these guys at 64-66 i am looking at 1/4-1/5-1/6 hp chiller.I was told that a 1/10hp chiller will drop it 10 degrees with no hot lighting on it but i am scared it will not pull the temp down this much any input would be great?Also what would be better a drop in chiller or inline i am looking to make the purchase 3-7-07.

When I had a cold water invertebrate tank, I used chillers from Aqualogic. In general, I think it is the same principle as a skimmer, get the next size bigger than you think you will need. I bought a chiller 12 years ago and it is still in use. The company is really good about repairs. I did not have an in-line chiller, I had one where I just dropped a coil into the back of the tank. I think for an octopus, though, I would want an in-line chiller, otherwise you could put the chiller in the sump.

We use a Prime chiller for both our 140 (model 2646 1/3 hp) and our 45 (1/10 hp). The smaller unit chills our Abdominalis tank to 68 and the larger keeps our reef at 72. We don't feel we are pushing either of these units and could easily make them cooler. We have hade the 1/10 for about 2 years and the 1/10 over a year without any problems (we bought the same brand for the 140 because we liked the first one so well). A comparison of the different Prime chillers and example pricing can be found here:


I am not advocating marine and reef but we did get the second one here because of pricing and a discount that they offered at the time and have no complaints. We do not know why the Prime/Current brand is considerably less expensive than some of the others :confused: but they are relatively quiet and have been problem free. We do hear the 1/4 hp unit but not the 1/10.

If you find a smaller used chiller (1/10) really (read that cheap!) reasonable - PM me!!!! - since it would be too small for your tank but ideal for ours! So far cruising the "Bay", we see chillers selling for almost retail.

We would like to acquire one of Zy's critters even at this age but won't without a chiller and just can't afford another new one right now. The sump for our octo tank is enclosed and the best I can do with two fans is maintain ambient (75 ish) so a chiller is required (keeping the house at 70 would be both uncomfortable and cost as much as a chiller in one summer!). Additionally, after using fans and chillers over time, I vote for chillers whenever you CAN use/afford them. I still use fans on several tanks but would love not to.
i have a 1/15 HP chiller and have my tank at 73 degrees and my CA 2-spot seems to be healthy and happy, interacting with me as well as eating frequently.

thanks to the good people on this messageboard i found you can adapt a cold water CA octo to warmer water...so far, anyway!
The reason i want to keep them at this temp is to see if i cant get them to live a little longer :wink:.I am still looking at chillers want to buy one by friday.The cheapest i can find is about $500.00 thats a lot of money i have been checking the local saltwater boards for a used one but no luck looks like i might have to dish out the $500:sad:

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