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Blue Ring
Jul 31, 2003
Toady we said farewell to Spartacus.... :cry:

My eyes are so sore, I have cried for the last 4 hours, ... if I only had done things differently....

You see its all my fault that she died... I had left a tiny part of the tank unsealed, stupidly not thinking she could get out :x and when I got up this morning I noticed she wasnt there to greet me.... after a brief search we found her just under the fridge... it seems she had been looking for food... If only i had listened to Rick and sealed it better, if only i had have given her an extra bit of prawn before I went to bed, if only I had have got up in the night i might have stopped this unnessecary tragedy... I'm sorry sparty, if you can somehow read this, my tears will fall for a long time yet, but it will be even longer before I can even think about getting another you, for that I fear will be impossible.....

Goodbye my Sparty... :cry:
Hi Krogey,

So sorry to hear of Spartacus. I know how attached you can get to an octopus - I cried when Ollie died, too.

Don't blame yourself so much for what happened.

As sad as you you are, it will make you sader not to get another. I have gone without an octopus for 3 1/2 months since Ollie died, and every day I miss her.

RIP Spartacus

thankyou every one for your kind words... :|

it means alot and I promise I will try to stay positive... after all there is still squint to look after even though we dont really see him much (nocturnal)...

Im sure one day we will get another octo but because they're so hard to get here it will be quite a while...but I will stay hopefull.

Thankyou all again....

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