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A new octo :)


Blue Ring
Feb 3, 2003
Well, I have another octo, I asked for a small one and the LFS derived. Its head is about the size of a thumb and the tentacles are about five inches in length. It has two blue spots on each side of its head. I put in the larger tank with my spiny and Valentini puffers, naso tang and the frogfish. The puffers both took a quick look the octo changed a few colors and the puffers went about there business. Well, any advice with feeding the little guy would be great or what species he might be.
Hey! Congrats!

I'm jealous! :wink: Where do you live? I've been calling That Fish Place, in Pa and so far no luck! You know, Hermin died about 3 weeks ago!

Anyway, just a thought - Are puffers safe to keep with him? I know they have massive teeth!

Good luck with him!!!

I don’t have any picks yet, I live in Vegas and I use this one place here were I am good friends with the owners and they can order anything under the condition of it not being deadly. It took her about two weeks because at first who she was ordering from only had giant pacific which were both very $$$ and very big. I told her to tell em nothing over a foot in length and I want a juvenile if possible and they delivered. As a matter of fact I was worried it was one of the standoffish dwarfs but last night he was eating and just watching me for about an hour out of the rock so all is well.
Yah the larger puffer tried to have a bit of a show down with the octo which raised itself up and tried to scare the puffer... it worked. But I already removed them from the tank just to be on the safe side and the octo is having blast going through the tank. frankly I am hoping hes not a bimac but who knows hes allot more friendly that the last one and even waying less that two ounces will come up and check you out. I am keeping the frog fish in the tank with the little guy but only because the octo seems to have taken an intrest in him and frog seems not to care.
LOL I think Sideways was laying on the sarcasm there :smile: No flaming!

I wish i could get a good source of bimacs too!

Yup, I was totally joking with you there. I'm planning on getting a bimac in a couple weeks and I was just kidding about you sending me yours for free if it turned out to be one.

:lol: :lol: :lol: see...those guys thought it was funny, they're laughing there @$$ off :lol: :lol: :lol:
So when you gonna phone for yours then?

You must nearly be cycled by now are you not?

Sooooon, hehehe :lol: (creepy evil laugh)...
My tank has been cycled for a week or two now and I really want to go ahead and get one. I know the three month rule, but I've yet to see any fluctuations in the water quality. I have two mollies and a handfull of ghost shrimp occupying it at the moment. I tried to email Jack at fishsupply to see about availability and shipping costs but I haven't gotten a response so I need to just call them. I figure the bimac will be $30 dollars, but shipping will probably be at least $40, so I'mlooking at $70 plus. So maybe when I get my paycheck at the end of the month. If the water parameters are still good, I think I should be safe.
Ahhhhh, well okay if he turns out ot me bimac hes yours then I guess. He might be he has a bright blue almost neon spot on each side so its it could be. my herimit crab population is going to be zero quickly in the tank its now to the point where if he sees a shell he just grabs anywhere from one to three and drags em upto his cave and spits em out one at a time. :smile:
When I checked out price for a replacement octo it was $68 for a small bimac and FedEx overnight!

More if you want a Saturday delivery. :smile:

Carol, thanks for the pricing info, that was about what I was expecting...do they usually have them in stock this time of year???
Stits, I wasn't trying to steal your octo :smile: but if you do decide you really wan't to get read of him... What size is your tank? Were you looking for a pygmy, b/c you said a bimac would be too big. Just wondering.

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