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A little advice...


Apr 4, 2005
Hi guys!
I'm really sorry to hear about all that's going on at Octopets. I had been planning my independent study around an O. bimaculoides (I've done A LOT of research...) and now it's more than a little disappointing to find out that I'll have to keep waiting for my little friend. I've been prepping my tank since September, and am finally graduating in June, so I won't have the school facilities for my use after that time.
So, after that long-winded explanation, I was looking for a little help. I'm studying octopus behavior and intelligence, and thought that a bimac would be an optimal animal for the 55-gallon tank I have. Does anyone have any advice about another species that would work well? Or possibly another supplier?
Stay strong, my fellow TONMO's waiting on our Octopets.

By the way, thanks so much. I've only been on the forums for a few days, but you guys are so helpful!
Try to contact the NRCC ( www.nrcc.utmb.edu ). If it's for research then there will be no problem in getting an octopus or more from them. If you are doing some behavior work (or any kind of experiment actually), I would suggest to get more than one individual.

good luck
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