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A hard choice...


Aug 23, 2007
Ok, well ive done my research, and know what i need to do. NOw the hardest part. Should i start with an octo (briareas), cuttle (bandensis) or maybe a bobtail squid. JUst want to know the pos and negs on each. i realize the bobtail would be hard to get and would hide but i like how they luminesce and also would llike to have an uncommon pet. But it doesnt really matter that much. Also, as a side note, how big do vulgaris get and how big does their tank need to be. Are the particularly aggressive, shy, prone to escape, curious, or interactive? THX :rainbow:
Yes, indeed, which ceph is a hard choice.

Vulgaris get much larger than any of the other octos that frequent hobbyists aquariums. They need a 120 gallon or larger tank for the duration of their life.

Each individual octopus is going to have an individual personality, regardless of species. All octopus should be considered prone to escape. They are curious and they will do whatever they want when they get bored, including exploring their living arrangment options... in or out of the tank.
If you like all 3 equally, an octo would be the easiest to start with, IMO. They are the least fragile of the 3 (though still need to be handled and cared for with lots of devotion), most commonly available, and least picky.

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