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Nov 20, 2002
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When you are ordering a ceph that involves shipping, you should try to make sure that the seller ships well - that he uses good containers, gives thought to heat or cold packs, uses a reliable transport company (like UPS or Fedex). You should insist on overnight shipping - in fact, it's a good idea to pay extra for early arrival the next day. Shipping costs will be substantial - don't go for the cheapest.

Find out what sort of track record the seller has. For instance, Fish Supply has a good reputation for shipping, and my experience with them has been good.

Bear in mind that the package may not come directly to you. It could travel from California to Texas by way of Chicago, Tennessee or other states and you have little control over this.

Consider avoiding having a ceph sent during extreme temperatures, cold or hot.

Get a tracking number and stay on top of it. I personally feel it's a good idea to make contact with ths shipper by phone before the package is sent.

And of course, have it shipped to you at a time when you'll be home. You can sometimes pay a bit extra for Saturday arrival, if that's more convenient.

oh we are going to fed ex next time if it means changing distributors! i hate the feeling of watching the poor little guys eyeballs pull into their heads from stress and then die
Oh, thanX for this. It's useful cuz I might be getting a Vulgaris from Tampa Bay Saltwater in a few months. Im definately going to get the best shipping options so it can arrive as quick as possible.
Here's my tips for recipients:

Find out what shipper your vendor uses and then spend some time on their website reading the fine print. FedEx for example, has a few different express services. Same day (mucho dinero), Standard Overnight (delivery by 4:00), Priority Overnight (delivery by 10:30 for a few dollars more) or First Overnight (8:30 for about $30 more). Money isn't infinite and I take priority overnight when I have a choice.

Most likely you won't have a choice what shipping your vendor uses, but you should still be aware of the fine print. I live in a rural area, and I've found out that the given times don't apply to me. Priority overnight turns from 10:30 to about 2:30. Given that, I prefer to have shipments sent to my office, which has a few advantages: in town so earlier delivery, someone will sign for it even if I'm busy, and it costs a couple bucks more to send to a residential address. Once I get the box at my office I can have it home in 20 minutes, or if I have an obligation I can start acclimating it into a 3 gallon bucket of tankwater where it can live until I can take it home.

That's the beauty of Lancastor Pa, That Pet Place. It maybe a 2 hour + drive, but I have control from how they package him up to how long a trip he has. I always request they put them in a cooler to regulate the temp on the trip back. Speaking of which, I need to go there! I really miss having an octo in my home....I'm starting to get withdrawal tremors.....:bonk:

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