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A Couple Algae Questions


Jul 11, 2003
Is it possible to kinda run out of algae? I ask this because the snails are turning all my rocks white :P ). It doesnt really bother me, but i kinda wanted to add some other animals that feed on algae. I want to add some kind of shrimp (future octo food :twisted: ), but im worried that it wont get fed enough.I cant really tell if my brittle star is eating (im worried that its not getting everything it needs).

thanks in advanced
It is possible but kinda unlikely that a brittle star will run out of food in a tank. BUT if you want to feed it them you could take a pinch of flake, dampen it a little and make it into a ball and pass it to your starfish... i wouldnt do this more than once a week as we dont want it getting lazy!
o.vulgaris said:
joel_ang said:
Algae disks for freshwater catfish might work too.
I suppose, you need to check the label though. :?

Check the label for what?

Catfish algae tabs would work fine... also mollies really like to eat algae as part of their diet so that's a bonus on both parts...

RT i dont think you need to worry about this though as there will be plenty in the tank for them to eat
no, i meant specifically what would make you think that it was either okay or not okay???

As long as its sold for aquarium use then it should be okay for other herbivorous animals

Nasty thought occurred - some freshwater feeds claimed to be "non-clouding", presumably if over-fed. Something lurks in the back of my mind that they may have contained some form of copper additive?
Colin said:
As long as its sold for aquarium use then it should be okay for other herbivorous animals

well yes of course, but let me go in-depth about my habit, one time i got goldfish flakes for my starfish, he didn't like it I suppose because next morning he/she died, i think it was the food, but i'm not sure, ever since then i've checked the lable on thing's, im alway's in a hurry and that is why i had got goldfish flakes for it :cry: , even though fellow student's in my class say that the food did not posess any threat/harm to my starfish i've regreted not checking what the label say's, i mean for christ sake's i could have got turtle folating food stick's for my octo by mistake.
Hi Mike, that is interesting and something I'm going to have a dig about for info on... will let you know....

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