A California hello =)

Feb 15, 2004
I'm a college student in southern California, though I live on the east coast. I've been frequenting this site for awhile now, and it never fails to entertain me: I love the octopus photos/videos, and the community is great. I look forward to participating :smile:

So, any southern california natives know a good place to snorkel?

Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

Glad you enjoy the site and all the photos and videos.

Sorry, I'm in Texas and can't help you with your snorkeling question!

I believe La Jolla cove should be a good start for you, I know I have seen many oocto's there when I go tidepoolin, that is if you mean San Diego by saying So Cal.
SDRotary said:
I believe La Jolla cove should be a good start for you, I know I have seen many oocto's there when I go tidepoolin, that is if you mean San Diego by saying So Cal.

Wow, I've actually been to La Jolla Cove; I didn't snorkel, however-- I went kayaking. I brought a girl in a duel kayak out along the cliff, and we came across a basking sea lion. He didn't seem to mind us at all; we brought the kayak almost to arm's reach. Quite an experience, looking into his black eyes. Also saw many bright, orange fish swimming around underwater. In fact, I recall speculating as to whether or not there might be octopuses down there :heee: . I shall definitely bring some snorkel gear next time I'm down there, coming from near LA.
The orange fish you saw were gerabaldi, our Ca state fish. They are very colorfull indeed. If you get a chance one weekend take a boat trip out to catalina island and have yourself some real fun snorkling. I dont know why it didn't cross my mind the first time I posted, but I digress. It is awesome either way.
I've been to Catalina a few times. It's bone chillingly cold, but the life there is so rich. You always see a garibaldi. And there're those huge crabs. Those were awesome.

I've never seen an octo though. They must have great camouflage.
Hey, Brandon! :biggrin2: Thanks for the warm welcome! I relpied to your query that you sent me, but I...erm...posted it on my own "Salutations tonmo-nites!" doo-hickey. {blush} ...ooops... :biggrin2:

I also read in your profile that you're a science student in college, as am I. :smile: What are you most interested in? I'm a HUGE genetics buff, and think that I really want to pursue that, but if I find that I really dislike it from going on an internship this summer {crosses fingers 8) } I would definitely consider marine biology. ...with, of course, a concentration in cepahalopod studies, if I was somehow able to do that... :biggrin2:

Hey, thanks again for the hello! Hope to talk to ya soon.

~ Claudia, Pennsylvania

P.S. I hear that Southern Cal is absolutely *gorgeous*...you lucky dog! I've always wanted to learn to surf... 8)
Hmm, Catalina island does sounds like an interesting prospect. In fact, I'm tempted to go there this weekend. Any tips on what transportation service to use?

Claudia, I enjoy genetics as well :smile: That should prove an exciting career, if you pursue it; with advances in proteomics, genetic engineering/therapy will be a rapidly growing, cutting-edge field.

Myself, I'm a fan of biotechnology. As of right now, my sights are aimed at biomedical engineering, perhaps with a focus in tissue engineering or artifical organ development.

Southern California is indeed beautiful-- perpetual warm and lazy sunlight, palm trees everywhere, LA, Hollywood, and beaches just a short drive away. Being an East coast mountain man, I find the vegetation here bizarre-- trees that look like giant ginger roots, and these guys sticking out of the snow on mountains:

I'm here for another two weeks, finishing up core math so I can have a more flexible schedule next year. I'll have taken 8 demanding math courses in two semesters, on top of my 12 other core classes :bonk:. Yeah, I'm ready for summer vacation...

:shock: For starters, I can say in all candid honesty that I was unaware that freakin' SEA URCHINS grow on mountaintops... As soon as I'm done here, I'm gonna have to find out what the hell those thingees are... :P Thank God for Google...

I had to reply to your biotechnology comment...I'm a biotech major!!! :biggrin2: That's pretty cool, since unfortunately, not many colleges offer an undergrad biotech major... And your interests in biomed eng are really cool...I'm more interested in the erm..."natural??"...mutations found in peoples' genomes, and basically genetics in general...[/i]REALLY looking forward to doing mad research :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: I've been researching grad schools and different facilities that are doing valuable work, and I'm really excited. Still a few years away, but hey - can't hurt to get a jump start. Right now, I'm all about the NIH...that would be an incredible place to work...are there any good biotech places on the West Coast?

Hope that you're enjoying your summer vacay...I can't
WAIT to go back to school, tho...*sigh*...It's mad boring around here. If it wasn't for the library, I think I'd die...(I know...I'm such a nerd 8)) I just wanna do something constructive...well, other than working at the local crafts' store :roll:

Talk to ya later! (It's so great to know that there are actually internet communities for people with such strange qualities as an affinity for cephalopods... :bugout: ....puuuuuuuurdy crazy! :lol: ) Bye!

~ Claud

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