a bit of snow on the ground... heading out diving anyways

Aug 3, 2003
woke up to a bit of snow, heading out anyways..... the site has a nice entry....

heading for Evening Cove on Vancouver Island BC...lots of fish, a couple giant pacific octopus(normally), lots of moon snails too......... a great "family" dive site, as there is a picnic area, small sandy beach, greats swimming and snorkeling too, as one side has a "wall" from surface to about 12 ft...

catch you all later!

msn [email protected]
quick report

found 3 giant pacific octopus... biggest one only about 8 ft...... almost convinced one to come out and play, but he just checked out my hand and dive light and went back in................also saw and played with 4 or 5 small rubi octopus, they're always fun!
Hi Derek,

I've always found your diving adventures incredible. Imagine having a GPO hold your hand!! And being able to swim with the octopuses.

We had an inquiry over in Ceph Care about whether you could catch your own baby Giant Pacific Octopus, if you wanted to raise one in a huge tank. Is this possible?

hi Diverderek!

I'm Canadian too, and my parents live in Victoria so next time I visit maybe you can show me some of these sweet dive spots!

It's my dream to play with the octos around BC waters...

Happy diving, I'm very jealous!
about catching your own gpo's

it would be easy to catch them... the question is the age old thing about keep animals in an aquarium............ you could do it, but.............if you raise it properly it could reach a 20ft armspan!!! if you can afford that size tank and the chiller for it, please adopt me!!

on another note though, i definately have my eye on the rubi octopus in my area, hundreds of them, and they only reach about a 1ft armspan!

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