Another update on The Agent!

Jul 31, 2003
From 3-12-04 to 3-26-04. (For the updates before that, visit my site.) Long again. Sorry. :frown: Also, best to read from the bottom up. Hope you enjoy! :biggrin2:

3-26-04 Friday - Well, I stayed true to my promise, and got up early.

I couldn’t tell if alot of the snails were eaten but he was out on his liverock and something was under his webbing. He was doing his normal bimac coloring (which is, white with orange dots, Ill try to get a pic :smile:) at first and had the black in blue in black eyespot but then started flashing it at me so I left.

When I got home he was everything was pretty much the same. A bunch of the snails were at the top of the waterline so I tossed one to him. He didn’t rush out and get it. Probably because now he has a constant source of food in the tank and wont get hungry for a while.

3-25-04 Thursday - I didn't have time to go look at him. Sorry :frown:. But, rest assured, tomorrow I will get up early.

Later, I gave him ALOT more of the snails. He grabbed 2 and has had his webbing stuffed all day! :biggrin2: Also I found out these snails are Periwinkle Snails. No wonder he likes 'em. :heee:

3-24-04 Wednesday - I don’t know where he was in the morning.

When I got home I checked up on him. Part of the clam looked eaten. I decided to take the shrimp and clam out because of the following reasons:
• The shrimp had been moved away from his den and was slightly fuzzy.
• The clam shell was open and when I tapped on it it didn't close.

So I took them out. When I got the clam out of the water, it stunk. BAD!
The hole that was in the shrimp was considerably bigger. I guess The Agent had a feast last night!

So I took his available food out and felt sorry for him, so I got some clams and put them in the dish. Surprisingly, he didn’t come and get them. Maybe I need to wave his foodtube (FT) around to entice him. . .

Also, at the end of the night, I saw him with horns. :biggrin2:

3-23-04 Tuesday - This morning when went down to look at him I saw him; he was hiding behind the overflow. He came out though and crawled to his den.

Later, the clam had been moved from outside his den to under a hanging piece of liverock. The shrimp had part of its shell off and its head had been partially eaten. There was also a small hole in its tail.

3-22-04 Monday - I didn’t see him in the morning.

Later, I saw him in his den. I had 2 shrimp and 4 clams (along with a snail) from an Asian Market that I gave to him. They both were huge in relation to him. I put 1 clam near his den and the other 3 in the sump. I put the 1 shrimp near him too and the other in the fridge. He instantly pounced on the snail; rushing out of his den to grab it. I guess it's only a matter of time till he eats the turbo snails that are with him. :? It looked like he munched on the shrimp too. I did get some pictures too. Watch as his eyespot changes color:

And a shot of the clam:

3-21-04 Sunday - I gave lots of clams today again. I put the feeding tube near his den and when he reached out to grab it I pulled it alittle farther away to give him a challenge. He accepted it and nearly his whole body came out! Just a few arms were left in his den.

Also, I’m planning to get some pix tomorrow. I hope it works out. :smile: I’ve also decided to try and only feed him at night.

3-20-04 Saturday - I didn't do much today but I gave him about 15 clams. He just kept taking 'em. :biggrin2: I’ve noticed he's bigger now too. 8)

3-19-04 Friday - Didn't feed him today. :frown:

3-18-04 Thursday - Today was fantastic! As soon as I woke up I went down to see him in the early morning. He had taken the thermometer off and so it was laying at the bottom of the tank. I saw him on the glass! He was looking back at me and I bobbed my head!

Later, I gave him some clams because he hadn't eaten since yesterday afternoon. With the first five I handed down to him resulted in a lil eatin' machine sticking 4 arms into the feeding tube! He pulled the 3 biggest clams out and put them under arms. I waved the tube and he took the last 2. I sifted through my sump some more and found some big (1 cm diameter) clams which he took quickly. Next, I put 5 more clams in the dish.

Later, I went to check on the tank because it was having more technical trouble. The tower part of the sump was really high and the fuge part low. I figured out the problem was because the U tube in the overflow box had alot of air at the top. I redid the tube but now, the ‘fuge was overflowing and the tower, underflowing. I then realized a pump going from the tower to the ‘fuge was clogged. I fixed that and it worked beautifully(I hope).

3-17-04 Wednesday - He was ok this morning. Wasn’t in his den though. I don't know where he was. I gave him some clams later that night.

3-16-04 Tuesday - I went down in the morning to test out the dimming light. I slowly turned it on to about half power and peered in.

He was upside down on a piece of liverock and had his webbing down like he was trying to flush out something. I gave him some clams too.

Later, when I came home, he was back in his den. He had eaten the clams I had given him.

I also did a 10 gallon water change today.

3-15-04 Monday - In the morning I didn’t go down because I didn’t want to scare him.

Later, though, I looked in on him. He had eaten the clams from the dish so I gave him some more. He still was flipped over and was changing colors. I already notice a difference in his size. :smile:

3-14-04 Sunday - Today I switched the orange bottle cap with a small upside down bowl. It's better because it doesn't try to float so I don’t have to put rocks in which the clams can hide under.

I fed him a clam with the tube and he stuck an arm in and ate it. Later I saw him flipped over, with his mantle touching to ground. :?

3-13-04 Saturday - I didn't do much today but I fed him about 8 clams.
You're doing great with the journal keeping - you're recording a lot of good detail about behavior. I hope you're keeping your water parameters recorded somewhere, too. That can be useful for you.

Those big clams never worked out for me, and it looks like one spoiled in your tank. I think you'd be better off to stick with the smaller stuff and the shrimp. I gave Ollie pieces of shrimp - that way she could eat the whole piece and I didn't have to worry about what was left.

Please continue with this journal - we'll all enjoy reading about your bimac.


Glad to hear all these reports on the agent 8)

It is nice to see them grow in front of our eyes like that. So far that is my one true indication everything is going well for me!
My biggest advice is not to freak when he grabs you. I have had to TRY and remain calm each time. Now it goes without saying if I am messing around in his tank he is near or on my hand.

Took some pics last night will post tonight when I get home of him doing this. But BOE just let him grab on as much as he wants and do not pull away, incourage it in fact. Atleast thats what I did, and he has come around to the idea of having a 5 arm thing (my hand) playing with him! :biggrin2:

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