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60 degrees ok?


O. vulgaris
Mar 25, 2004
is 60 degree water ok for my bimac? i am kust keeping it at room temp right now and it is in buckets in my room and they are all at a little over 60 degrees F. Is this ok?
hey, its in buckets because it is. I dont have the puss yet im getting it in august i :madsci: will use a turbo flotor 1000 to skim and a eheim canister :cyclops: and lots of LR/LS. any suggestions? will i need a heater?
Ah, so you're storing the water. Yes, 60 degrees is fine.

Be sure the buckets have a lid or you at least cover them with foil or plastic to keep the water clean.

What is your room temperature range during the year? What happens in summer?

not much, because i have A/C and heating so.... it usually around 60-65 i live in oregon so its cold and rainy always. I was also wondering if keeping the rock at that low of a temp. would casue harm to the bacteria in it or the organisms that are on the rock? what have been your experiences?
are they known for simple escapes or extravagent mind bogglers. there will be a few tiny slits near where the plumbing returns to the tank is this ok? also how small should the screen be on my overflow?
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