55 gallon tank

I think we may be the only mainers on here, or at least active right now, and if I had a 55gal I wouldn't be letting it go. You may want to look on SWAM to see if anyone is selling one, but make sure they NEVER used copper in it.http://www.clubswam.org/
And DON'T get a tank from uncle henry's to keep cephs in.

What fish and inverts have you kept in the past?

esquid;121903 said:
really!!! So who is secretly a balrog?

Dreadhead lives in Mirkwood and Jean on Mt. Doom, so, um... :biggrin2:

And just so I add something relevant to the real conversation... The standard recommendation is to have your tank up and running 3 months before you introduce your new cephs (much more sensitive than fish) , so plan accordingly!