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30 hex tank

Thirty gallons is really too small for a bimac. Some of them grow quite large and they need room to swim. We recommend a 50 gallon for bimacs.

Yeah, Nancy is right...a hex tank isn't really all of that great for an ceph...they do like to travel around!
I would fill the 30 with corals, and put your 55 next to it with the octo...that would be nice!
well im not sure if im gonna buy it or not, but i found a 55 gal with stand, lights and filter for 60$, (i already have a 55 fowlr) and in a few months i want to upgrade and get like a 150 for another fowlr, my only problem is that iv heard you cant go on vacation with an octo :shock: :cry: :bugout: , what should i do?
also, i know a place here in tampa (tampasaltwater) that could probably get me a dwarf octo, how big are they i want one with some kind of size so i notice it
I would read up on dwarf octos vs bimacs...the only octos I have kept were dwarfs, and they live 6-9 months from juveniles to adults...a bimac will live for much longer, and are readily available from breeders, like octopets.
If you could get a dwarf octo a 30g would be great, however theres a downside, as Greg mentioned, they normally live to about 6+ months from birth. So if they caught an adult dwarf, it would have a very short while to live. Dwarfs are also not easy to identify and could be mixed up with the young of large octos, when they grow big there are going to be a few problems.
Yes, it's a problem with octos and vacation. It's a problem with a reef tank, too, but you can ususally find someone who will stop in and see if everything is OK. These same people know nothing about octos.

If you remember, when Nepture was going away for a week, he had two sets of people coming in to take care of Ocho - one for the tank itself, and someone to visit Ocho every day! Ocho survived the vacation just fine.


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