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3 Month old S. Bandensis x4 For Sale

Any bites on this?

There are several major benefits to getting young bandensis as opposed to hatchlings or eggs. They are much easier to feed and much less expensive to feed. They have also survived this long, making it past all the mysterious and non mysterious deaths that hatchlings seem to go through. They don't have to be but in different tanks as they get bigger because they are already big enough not to be completely lost in a tank.

IMO, these being offered are the best thing since glass tanks. :smile:
I have had a couple of people PM me about them, but I have not sold any. I am probably going to try to sell locally if nobody takes them.

The older cuttles really are a lot easier than babies. I have sexed all of them, so I can send male/female pairs for $200 shipped.
About what size are they now and what are they eating?

I'm still 2-3 weeks out from being ready but will contact you if you still have any available.
I took some pictures last night and I will post them so you can get a size reference. I think they are about 2 inches. They are still eating shore shrimp, but I am trying to find some frozen shrimp for them. They also will eat frozen mysis, and some will eat krill.
Same goes for me as for Phisher - the timing is a bit off, but if you still have them available in 2 weeks or so, I'd jump through hoops to get a male/female pair!
This will be my first go at a cephalopod setup so I wasn't sure if a pair would be any extra added difficulty.

Also I've seen people reference shore shrimp here before. Whats a good source for them and what are the exactly? I live on the coast and plan on obtaining live foods locally if possible.
:welcome: CuttlePhilly, since I see that was your first post...
Lol. Thanks! I think I actually signed up on here back in 2006, but couldn't find my login info, so I'm back now as CuttlePhilly. And completely THRILLED that folks are having success breeding captive S. Bandensis! I hope I have as much success as Shipposhack. :smile:
If you are positive you want to get them in a couple of weeks, I can take a non-refundable deposit on them and hold them for you. PM me if you would like to work something out. I have 2 Male and 2 Female for sale, so I can send out 2 separate pairs to whomever wants them. Of course, I can sell individually as well.

Shore shrimp are basically Saltwater Ghost Shrimp, and people from Tonmo have been getting them from aquaculturestore.com. Local shrimp should work fine too, as long as you have no pollution issues around where you live.

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