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Pygmy Octopus
Nov 29, 2004
who out there has advice on having 2-3 cuttlefish in one tank? i went to scripps in san diego and they have about 6 of em in a not so big tank. do they fight over food? what are the do's and don's?

also, what extras are needed to hatch cuttlefish from eggs rather than just having one already hatched. out of how many eggs actually survive? and what is a general price of an egg or eggs?

i have a 60gal with one cuttlefish, but im addicted now. i want to get a 100 gal and get at least 3. is this a good idea?

(so it was 3 q's i lied) thank you for you input!
Welcome to Tonmo!
I am sure Colin and the other cuttle people will chime in on this one, but I can give you a little bit of advice on why Scripps has so many in a not so big tank...they usually rotate them out into different systems constantly, so they probably never develop any sense of territory...unlike a static home system.
If you are talking about the common cuttle, you are going to need a seriously large tank to house multiples...probably in excess of 200 gallons...( a 400 would be better, and only slightly more expensive...once you get that big, the costs meld)
Still, I can understand your addiction...I feel the same way about octopus!
:welcome: From me also! I too understand the lure and addiction of cephs! Speaking from one who normally has an octo from one end of the house to the other!!!! :mrgreen:

personally i feel 100 gals is cramped for just one officinalis as thats probably the species you are seeing for sale just now...

any idea what species?
well im not sure, ive had (her, i think) for about 3 months the place i bought it from, the animal kingdom, said she came from hawaii. shes about 2.5 inches and has grown about an inch since ive had her. i will try to find out from the shop exactally what species tho.
whoops LOL

yeah you dont get cuttlefish from the US or Hawaii waters

They dont grow according to tank size, its the water quality that would slow down their growth and keeping an animal in substandard conditions isnt something to do. The colder you can keep him/her the better

A bigger tank is needed :)
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