1. IMG-8984.jpg


    Eye closeup of a juvenile O. rubescens
  2. IMG-8998.jpg


    Skin closeup of a juvenile O. rubescens
  3. Olive.jpg


    Juvenile O. rubescens (pale coloration)
  4. IMG-3734.jpg


    Juvenile east Pacific red octopus (O. rubescens) Side note: does anyone know at what point their coloration starts to darken?
  5. Olive closeups.JPG

    Olive closeups.JPG

    Closeups of my juvenile red octopus (O. rubescens) named Olive
  6. V

    Looking for octopus prehatchlings and hatchlings for research purpose, any pointers to suppliers in Europe

    Hello All I need some juvenile octopuses for a scientific investigation in which we need to stain them for internal organs. I had hoped that MBL could help out, but they are shut because of COVID and have been telling me that they would prefer if I found a more local supplier. I am based in...
  7. Nick Hope

    Little Octopus from the Lembeh Strait

    Help with ID please! I videoed this little octopus at "TK3" in the Lembeh Strait, Indonesia, at 4m depth/28°C. It was about 10-15mm long. There was a little bit of discussion at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153927112802746 in which juvenile Amphioctopus aegina and juvenile mimic...
  8. N

    Baby squid care

    So one of the local wholesalers managed to get their hands on a batch of squid eggs of a currently unknown species. My LFS bought some and I'll be going in tomorrow to check them out and offer the owner any advice I can. I'm familiar with keeping octopuses, having kept several, and have done...
  9. M

    Baby Wonderpus!!!!!!!!!

    Just arrived at the air port today, no ink in the bag. I wanted the smallest one I could get but he is tiny!!!