Yourall nuts

Aug 11, 2004
I think ur all freaking crazy
How can u love octopi so much for goodness sake
It makes NO SENSE watsoever that u love them so much
it is crazy
as in the topic i think ur all freakin insane

See a psychologist RIGHT NOW for ur own safety
Get a life get a partner get real.
Why thank you for your insight on this matter. Have you a phone number for a good psychologist? I've found that drugs just don't cut the mustard anymore, and neither does tagging walls with nonsense as a form of stress relief ..... and as I'm sinking further into cephalopodan oblivion, have no life, and wifey thinks I'm nuts too, it has dawned on me that help is desperately required.

Perhaps you should sit down and we can talk about this ...
Re: Yourall nuts

I do apologise for my mother, everyone. She really embarrasses me sometimes. I'll have words.

What are you interested in, Octopus_maniac567? Let us critically deconstruct it for you. Apologies, I used some long words there.
there may be creativity in the post we're missing....

the structure is
forming a visual poem maybe?
be not.....

Having thought about this some more, it has dawned on me that not only are we nuts, but we're all oxygen thieves too, and through the power of union we're all out to deprive you of your share of molecules.

So, on the count of three it is the mission of all nutty people to hyperventilate, and suck as much O2 as we can. All non-nutty peoples heads will then implode.

1, 2, 3


.... did it work (look around at your colleagues)?

I'm trying to suck in as much air as I can but I have two pencils stuck up my nose which is inhibiting my progress. My pet halibut 'Lord Rossendale' is instructing me via telepathy not to take them out so I am finding it difficult to abide by your instructions.

Any suggestions greatfully received.


PS How do I get this blue paint off?
Phil said:

I'm trying to suck in as much air as I can but I have two pencils stuck up my nose which is inhibiting my progress. ...
Any suggestions greatfully received.

Phil, if I've told you once I've told you a thousand times; this is simple sucky-sucky-motor 101!! You MUST remove the pencil from your backside first, before trying to inhale them through your nose. This prevents the vacuum from forming. If you suck any harder it may be your head that implodes!!!

If the backside pencil is stuck, then gently remove one of the nasal obstructions... but remember, ONE AT A TIME, and GENTLY!!! The reasons for this are, of course, covered in sucky-sucky-motor 102 (but I'm not sure if you've done that course yet).

Sorry about the ink ....
we are not crazy....


Thanks Steve!!!!!!

I am slowly removing pencils from my body one by one via your instructions. I think I'm going to be OK.

Why don't you have an 'Ask Steve' problem page here? I think we could all use your help!


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