Young Squirt


Jun 14, 2004
Hi guys,
Well this is my first posting, since Spike passed away and I just thought I'd introduce our new addition to the family>>>Squirt. :biggrin2: Im not sure exactly how old he is, but I would say judging by his size he is only a youngin'. His mantle is only about 1" and overall size 5". Squirt is from Western Australia, the lfs call them WA rock octopus. Not sure of the Scientific name, any suggestions would be great. I only have the one photo right now...Squirt is quite elusive. As soon as we put him in the tank he immediately found a crevass in a rock and now calls it home...Look carefully he is a master of disguise. Well guys have a great day, hope you like the pic. btw ignore the second attachment..not sure what happened there :?
Bec :biggrin2:
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