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Young Bimac. rate of growth?

Mar 31, 2003
I got my octopus from fishsupply a few weeks ago. Pixel was rather small when I got him, and I am wondering why I should expect as far as rate of growth goes.

He is eating a ton, almost non-stop right now, but I am not seeing a huge change in his size. He is getting bigger, but I am wondering what I should be expecting.

As long as Pixel is eating and growing, he's doing fine.

Growth is gradual and it will take many months to become a full sized bimac.

I documented my bimac Ollie from the day he arrived and have a complete record of his growth, but the funny thing is, I never noticed him growing. He just slowly got bigger and bigger. He had to change where he was living and find larger and larger caves as he grew.

Judging size of octopusses...

When Pixel started out, he would curl up into a sphere about .5 inch in diameter. Now he is getting closer to a sphere about .75 inch in diameter.

That is in about three weeks being with me.

it is really hard to judge, though. I can definitely tell he is growing from arm length. Each of his arms has probably gained at least .25 inch since I got him (from about 2 inches to about 2.25 inches). Any other size measurement is tough since they are so fluid. He can seem to cut his total volume (and arm length) in half in a matter of a few seconds.
Sounds like Pixel was the same size as Lil Pumpkin when you got him. Do you have him ie huge tank? I have mine in a pethome in a tank right now. Is it easy to find Pixel?

Just curious. At some point I know I will have to give Pumpkin roaming priviledges, once I relocate the Jawfish.

A word about bimac growth - it has amazed me that in just 7 months, Ollie has gown from a 1 inch mantle to a 7 or 8 inch mantle. And from 2 inch arms to arms that can stretch 2 feet. He's a big octopus now, and it happened very fast. I'm finding that his 46 gallon tank isn't any too big for him, either.

One thing that's been constant is change - he has been constantly changing and developing. His habits change, too. But then, that's what makes it interesting.

So enjoy your little bimacs and don't be in too much of a hurry for them to grow up!

Of course that's the Dr Woods he means, and its partly because it is such a huge site that finding the article takes some time. i am not familiar with the article but have also read similar to state that a ceph can put on 25% extra mass each week while it is growing in the right conditions.

I'll have a quick scan for it later

Ive heard you mention your pethome a couple of times now....

this time and once before when using for a 'fridge' for your previous octo, sorry cant rememebr name.

I was wondering what you mean and if you could poss post a pic?

Cheers in advance

Little Critter Cage, Plastic Container with a lid that comes in all sizes!

I believe Pixel also lives in one for the moment. I put a small cartridge filter in to draw water from the tank into the pethome.

Very handy container to keep in ones car, just in case!!! :smile:
The picture below is Lil Pumpkins' new home for the moment!

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