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Jun 1, 2005
I received my cuttle last Monday, acclamated him for 3hrs with no inking whatsoever. WOW! Super cool little guy! I have a Scooter Blenny in my tank and was afraid he'd end up dinner.....to my surprise, they have become good friends, actually sleeping next to eachother under the sand.....My LFS owner laughed at me when I went in for food last week, said I would never get him to eat, well, "Cut", as I call him, has been eating a good variety of food daily. I'm attaching a few pics I was able to get this week. Cheers!


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50 Gal tank. REALLY surprised he is doing so well with the Blenny, as you can see in the pic, they seem to deal with eachother well. I'm also surprised at the knowledge of the LFS in my area that just laugh when I say I have a cuttlefish....."Cut" seems to be doing extreamly well and eating regularly. Very surprised.
This morning, when I walked by the tank, Cut came out of his sand sleeping bag and came to the top of the tank and from what I remember about my Octopus in the past, he was begg'in for food...it was really interesting.
Anyone have an idea on the amount of light they should get perday? I have my lights on a timer for 9 hours a day.....is this sufficent or should I go longer?
i have my lights on for 8. yes the blenny is quite interesting, i would surely have thought that they would not get along, although i have a cleaner shrimp in with one of my bimacs and they got along just fine, so maby its the individual cuttle that choses if it wants is tankmates to be food or friends.
The light shouldnt matter too much. Some would argue that too much light can blind them, but thats left to be proven. I have my lights on at varying intensities for a period of 12-15 hours. Most of the time its low light actinics with a 175 watt 20k that goes on during a few peak hours a day.

It looks like yours is an officinalis. Those guys will grow pretty fast, so in a couple months, he will need a larger tank. Adults will be up to 18 inches! Where did you get this guy?? He looks llike one i have :lol:
Ah...nm I remember you =) Thats the cuttle from octopets...and your already aware of how large they get...

Congrats on the successful shipping!! They become very personable really fast !
Thank you for the Congrats on the shipping, I really took my time with this "little" guy getting him in the tank, seeing he had such a long ride here and had not inked yet.
Yes, I'm aware of how big these cuttle will get, just gives me more reason to upgrade the tank I have.
When I had Octopus I had a 2 stage lighting that would come on early in the morning with a dim light, then 2 hours later with the full light, then in the evening the full light would go off, followed 2 hours with the dim light....I think I will go back to this configuration.
It's really cool to have something in your tank that really intrigues you......
Someday I will own a house. Very soon after I own that house, a 100 gallon rubbermaid sump will appear in the basement servicing my 75 gallon octopus tank. After a few years that octopus tank will be replaced by a larger, reef-ready tank so I can ditch the aftermarket overflow. A few years later, a 300-400 gallon tank will appear to house a couple officianalis. By this point I'll have won the lottery.

Maybe I'll keep the 75 around for a few bandensis? If I wanted to branch out a little bit I could probably plumb a seahorse tank into the same water system.

Ah, to dream.

This cuttle was bought from Octopets, I've heard different info from different people.....How big will the Cuttlefish really get?

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