Wow! I wonder if this one can be bought! (A must see!)


Jul 10, 2006

Sorta Cthulhu doll - or a suit?
Anyone knows where is this one sold???

And, for the first time in my life I envy a girl - that one on the photo, wish I had such toys when I was a child :wink:
P.S.: This was posted to the Russian Cthulhu livejournal communities as "Cthulhu doll photos"

Кукла Ктулху. Кожа

Кукла Ктулху. Кожа
You know, I'm not much into the Lovecraft stuff, but I have to admit that thing is sweet! With the girl on its lap it reminds me of those Ronald McDonald statues that sit on the benches.
That thing is amazing - a truly gorgeous piece of work - but am I imagining something here? Does Cthulhu have a, uh, unit?
Well, welcome to Tonmo, Bob ! You might want to move your "for sale" items to the Marketplace forum too...neat stuff.
I shall remove the reference on EBAY right now. Thanks for advice:smile:

I am the artist working with leather. Recently in my work I often use images Cthulhu. You can see it in my Live Journal. There are some masks, a suit and a doll - my last work. I shall be glad if you express the opinion on my work.

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