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wow cuttlefish for sell in the usa

omg colin i just say the coolest thing. him eating ghost shrimp. man its so fast and so cool. :smile: he snatch three in about 10 seconds and and grabbed a huge one. Yes after trying alot of food ghost shrimp is his thing. Ring the bells he's eating. Ill try sometime to get a video for the site if they want it. One challange left is seeing the octopus eat.
hi Veg (that your real name? LOL let me know :smile:)

I am so glad to hear that the cuttle is eating. Keep on top of the water quality and all should be well! Test your water! Or take it to the LFS to do it for you. Check for ammonia and nitrite, probably do a copper test too.

Also, i would keep some ready made seawater there on hand just in case of inking episode!

The octo should be easier to feed, get live fiddlers or similar!

here is the video of him eating Multimedia . Still running into octo problems. He is never comes out so i can see him. Only at really late at night im guessing. I check his hiding spot this morning and gone. Now im searching for his new one without moving the rock. If i put the fiddler in do you think he will sense it or here it and come out in the light or will he wait till every light is off like the past nights. I think he is eating. Yesterday morning i woke up and he had two shells near him. Hermit shells. They where both suctioned to him. Im heading to my lsf today and buying some crawfish for the cuttlefish and some more ghost he ate tons last night. Ill also see if i can get some fiddlers. You think the cuttlefish will eat a damsel? I wouldnt mind buying him one to get the preview.[/url]
Hi, the link was down when i checked so i'll try again later

Damsels are a bad idea.... there is a good chance that if they are not eaten straight away that they will damage a ceph!

If there is a crab in the tank the octo will find it, dont worry about that.

If it is mercatoris then they are a secretive and nocturnal species, so unfortunetly you may not see it that often.

well im pretty sure it is. but i was given no chance to see if it was a bimac or some distinctive characteristics. Ok ill say no to the damsel and i feed the cuttlefish last night and this morning. He eat about ate 13 ghost shrimp last night and this morning. yeah the site goes down a good bit. it should be up soon. ill try now to see if it is. im heading to the store for some crawfish and fiddlers soon. noon they will have the stock and by 3:00 it all should be out. im going to leave around 1 or so im planing a new 20 gallon tank today.
Hey there, I think's amazing that you found a cuttlefish seller in the US. Can you please provide more information so that I may have the opportunity of owning one too? I've been wanting one for years. Please help, thanks.
Colin, I bet those Cuttles wouldn't pass up one of those marine shrimp moursels.
Do you think its safe to drop a hundred or two in the tank and let the Cuttle free feed at will? Most shrimp will hide when danger is present.
The Cutttle would have to actually hunt for his meals.
Hi Noni

The shrimp are one of the cuttles favourite food, they prefer crabs and will swim past a shrimp to get one but otherwise they are excellent for them. The shrimps i used were palemon serratus, naturally from scottish waters.

Yeah, i think that a lot could be dumped in at once, cuttles are quite glutinous though LOL

They learn pretty quickly to attack a shrimp from behind and will spin about behind the shrimp to sneak up on it. otherwise the shrimp usually escapes

i really dont think that passed 4 inches or so they care either way. But as juveniles they prfer to hide.

In a tank with a lot of clutter, if they get a fright they are likely to shoot off backwards and hurt themselves though
Yeah, that is the part that worries me... the "butt burn" as I have seen it called. I thought perhaps they would feel more comfortable with clutter as they know they can hide better and have less of a tendency to dart off. I also was hoping that they would be smart enough to not dart into objects they can see....
hey i used to work at a southern cal. fish store (petown) and we only got 1 cuttlefish in the whole time i worked there and he was there for like 3 months and didnt grow... i think he was bandensis too...problem is they only get shipped as adults and none of the wholesalers pick them up because of the upkeep...cheap southern california wholesalers...*shakes fist* :evil:
from my experiences with cuttles they will dart off backwards not expecting anything behind them and bump into whatever is there. I am sure that a rounded tank with sloping edges is actually the best thing for them...


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