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wound on head?


Oct 1, 2003
I just finished acclimating and placing my new bimac in the aquarium, and it was the first time I could get a good look at him. Unfortunately, he seems to have a wound on his head. The picture isn't very good; I didn't want to use the flash more than once.

Should I be concerned? Is it serious? Anything I can do? Would it of happened during shipping since there wasn't anything in the bag with him? Or before he was shipped?
Looks like "butt burn" They get it from crashing into tank walls. Usually if they're stressed and get startled. We've had it a few times and the octis do recover. But that patch never regrows the chromatophores and it stays white. Just be sure your water quality is tip top cos it is a route for bacterial infection.

I think that Jean is right although I have never seen it on an octo before just on cuttles. Perhaps it is a burn from a heater? But the crashing into something sharp sounds right

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