Would you come to TONMOcon at Monterey, Aug. 5-7, 2005?

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Apr 3, 2003
Would you attend TONMOcon in Monterey this summer? August 5-7.

Enough yeses will make this definite! It looks like Tony and Steve and Erich and I can make it.

A round of applause to Erich for finding an enthusiastic venue that hasn't yet gone bankrupt or been subjected to natural disasters!

Piece of cake for me...perhaps some of the east coasters could caravan or road trip? Looking forward to seeing allyaall !
I just priced out tickets.....What airport is closest? I priced out Los Angelas. Talking with one stop.. 198 roundtrip, or 329 nonstop....times 2 cause of Jess...I would love to come but not sure if I could.

Gonna be a blast; when this is concrete I'll book the tickets.
Some advice regarding airports:

If you're not coming in via international flight, for the love of Mike, by all means avoid Los Angeles International Airport! LAX sux! Try flying into Burbank instead if you're headed for S. California and driving up the coast. Burbank is a little airport that can. LAX is an unfriendly disaster. Frankly, the two closer airports are San Francisco International (SFO) or San Jose. These both offer shuttle service directly to downtown Monterey.

Also, for Tonmo parents, the night of August 5th, Friday, the aquarium is offering a kids' campover inside the facility in front of the tanks, with fun-time/educational activities for the children. Obviously a few parents would probably want to chaperone. For the kids, this could be the high-point of the convention!

If you must fly into the Los Angeles area, then maybe take an extra day and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to Monterey. The Big Sur coastline is one of the most scenic drives in America. Of course, a couple of my wife's friends from New Zealand did this and weren't as impressed. Evidently such vistas are more common down there. Oh well.

I can probably make that. I was planning a trip up that way in May when the Octopus exhibit at the aquarium is scheduled to reopen, but I could probably postpone that until August.

Is Big Sur still infested with hippies or did they become endangered/extinct? I'm thinking of camping somewhere around there, but I don't want the second-hand smoke, if ya know what I mean.
Erich and Melissa...you have done wonders ! Is there a chance that we could arrange to stay at one hotel, and thereby perhaps get some sort of a "group" discount or something??? We just need to make sure there is a smoking bar on the floor level, so WK and I have some place to stagger to and from... :lol:
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