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Would a 40 breeder work for bimac?

Dec 6, 2006
Would a 40 gallon long/breeder work for a bimac? The size is 36*18*13. I would use this until he grew a little bit and then move him into a 50-65 that would sit on the same stand. This will be plumbed into a larger reef system that has about 500 gallons with a temp of 77. Thanks, Tim
I am not sure about the size of your tank working or not. Others will chime in shortly I am sure.

On the subject of plumbing the tank in with your existing system I was cautioned against doing that when I inquired about plumbing my tank into my system.

The #1 reason I was told not to was in case your octopus inks, it could affect your main system.

One of the reasons I am glad that I am going with a separate sump is that it will allow me to run my octopus tank much cooler then my main tank. Apparently it may help with the life span of my octopus. Some of the reading I have been doing suggests that temperates in the lower 60s is more ideal. I am still researching this however.
The standard answer around here is that the minimum size for a bimac is 55gal. At some point it was brought up that in addition to water volume/ water quality issues, in a smaller tank adult bimacs tend to run into the walls when they jet about... maybe that can be addressed by your plan to upgrade the tank as it grows, but that seems to require plumbing it to the big system (since otherwise it would need to be cycled), which, as bassman mentioned, may have its own concerns.

and :welcome: to TONMO (or did I say that already?)
im gonna have to second bass man... reef temps will greatly shorten your bimacs life span... on the first question though... a 40 gallon is a little small but it will work due to the fact that its a breed and not a 40 tall... they really need a larger base area in the tank than height... my theory for any aquarium is "fish swim forward and back and side to side they pick a spot in the water column and do that... and only that... they dont really swim up or down for the most part"

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