Working on a school project: Gnu ceph questions for you all

Dec 24, 2002
Hi everyone!

So I'm thinking of a subject for my animal physiology class. Of course, I want to do a paper on a marine form, hopefully a ceph.

Soooo... I have a few questions related to the various ideas I have for subjects:

1) Gas exchange - Are deep water cephs susceptible to anything similar to the bends?

2) Neurological system - Anyone know of any papers on the speed of an action potential down the giant axon of an Architeuthis?

3) Does anyone know if the sperm whale can actually stun or otherwise attack a squid using sound?

4) How is the overall metabolic rate of deep-sea squid?

5) Any other ideas for a ceph physiology paper? 8)

Thanks in advance to all of you!

Sushi and Sake,


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Re: Working on a school project: Gnu ceph questions for you

Hi there,

I can recommand several papers of Seibel.
Here they are:

Seibel, B. A., Chausson, F., Lallier, F. H., Zal, F. and Childress, J. J. (1999). Vampire blood: respiratory physiology of the vampire squid (Cephalopoda: Vampyromorpha) in relation to the oxygen minimum layer. Exp. Biol. Online 4.

Seibel, B. A. and Childress, J. J. (1996). Deep-breathing cephalopods. Nature.

Seibel, B. A., Thuesen, E. V. and Childress, J. J. (1998). Flight of the Vampire: Ontogenetic gait-transition in Vampyroteuthis infernalis (Cephalopoda: Vampyromorpha). J. exp. Biol. 201, 2413-2424.

Seibel, B. A., Thuesen, E. V., Childress, J. J. and Gorodezky, L. A. (1997). Decline in pelagic cephalopod metabolism with habitat depth reflects differences in locomotory efficiency. Biological Bulletin 192, 262-278.

Regards Henk-Jan Hoving

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