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"Wild" creatures vs "store bought"?


Pygmy Octopus
Jun 2, 2004
What are the disadvantages from getting little crabs right from the ocean?
A simple trap and some bait and you could supply the octo for free while your fishing!!!

How long must the "wild" stuff be quarentined?
Some people feed live crabs to their octo very soon after catching.

However, catching small crabs is not legal in all places - you need to do some checking!

I collect and feed lots and lots of crabs. I don't q them, they go into a sweater box plumbed into the system. I was told to get a fishing license and to make sure I wasn't collect something commercial. Been doing it 8 months now.
one dissadvantage is having to look after them, unless you freeze them as soon as you get home, but if you feed the crabs a good quality flake food that will get passed onto the octo! :smile:
I only feed my octos on live crabs, I buy about 20kg of them every month or so and they live happily together in a large tank! Feed the crabs on whole mackerel.

Only my Bimac's get other food as they are the only ones who love a challenge! The rest are just happy playing! Hehe

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