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white spot?????

James Danger

Jan 7, 2007
my octopus has developed a white spot on his mantel ( the very back side- the tip).. it's about twice the size of a B.B. with a blueish ring encercling it. it seems to be getting bigger. he has always had a small spot on the back of his mantel. but I feel as if his body is telling me something. my roommate said that it was because he was "rubbing" it on the glass. but i feel thats not possible as it is a large tank and he is always facing the tank as he explores it. please if you know, is it diet. or just natural. it doesnt look like it is a wound but I havent been able to see if it changes color with him yet. and i would think that it would signify a scar. I've had many reptiles in the past an this type of thing would always be a wound. i have many invertibrate coral spieces in my tank and don't know it it would be bacteria or one of my nasirous snales as the culprite.

Have you checked your water quality? Ink had those spots and we figured out she was injured in some way. Eventually they did heal but the area never regained the color changing ability.

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