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When Octos Rub Themselves

Dec 4, 2002
Hi everyone!
My bimac Edwina died a few days ago. It was about time for her to go.
Nobody get mad at me please, but- I brought a blue ring home yesterday. I swore I'd never do it, and did not want to support the buying/selling of this species, but it was there for two weeks and after I watched how badly they were taking care of it, I bought it. She's in a 6 gallon Eclipse (thank you Tim Wieland for the advice) and she's sealed up and happy. I am VERY aware of the dangers, but am EXTREMELY careful....My question is- sometimes she rubs herself with her tentacles, and while this behavior looks cute to me, I'm wondering what it means. Is she uncomfortable? The tank water and conditions are near perfect. What does this behavior mean?
Thanks ya'll,
I am sure she is just cleaning herself.

I sure hop your tank is sealed off I mean REALLY sealed off. But u said u knew the dangers so im sure youl do fine (just be careful when you have to put your hand in the tank :wink: ) Anyways, i suppose it was rather noble of you to take this animal home with you and save it from a bad life. I mean just becuase its deadly doesnt mean it doesnt deserve to be treated well right? :smile: . Best of luck to you and your new octo.\

p.s how about some pictures? and what have u named her?
Yeah- I've sealed the tank well. I know that even if she got out and I found her dead on the floor, the toxin is still just as deadly. The bad thing is, it is perfect for her (and me) to be in this small confined tank, but that means more water changes and testing, so I have to deal with that very carefully. I named her "Cuddles." An oxymoron of course:smile:
I'll post pictures as soon as I can... I've figured out a way to never put my hands into the tank. I'm going to use airline tubing to take water out (for water changes and testing) always knowing where she is when I do it.
As far as oxygenating the water, I had a powerhead in there, but it was too much for the little 6-gallon tank and heated the water up too. So I use my airpump and an airstone. I hope it helps, because it's the only thing I can do. The water doesn't look as oxygenated as when you can see all the tiny air bubbles from a powerhead though.
She seems happy, and we're both safe. She's out a lot. She slowly moves around and sits on the live rock.

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