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What to clean with??


Blue Ring
May 21, 2007
I am back after many long months and I went through a lot to remember my password(witch I never did). Well my last tank kind of failed after my shrimp (named shrimp) died and then the filter and protein skimmer got unplugged and all of the water evaprated. I am not sure if my live rock is still alive. But here I am back for round two. I am worried though. I kind of used Lime Away to clean my (empty) tank. Was that a good idea?:goofysca: If the tank is unuseable I won't be that mad because it will give me an exuse to buy a bigger and better one.


Sepia elegans
Staff member
Feb 1, 2007
As long as there are no heavy metals that may be sequestered in the tank forever, you should not have a problem. Check the label though as I am not familiar with what all is in that cleaning product. Obviously, plenty of rinses would also be a good idea.