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What to clean with??


Blue Ring
May 21, 2007
I am back after many long months and I went through a lot to remember my password(witch I never did). Well my last tank kind of failed after my shrimp (named shrimp) died and then the filter and protein skimmer got unplugged and all of the water evaprated. I am not sure if my live rock is still alive. But here I am back for round two. I am worried though. I kind of used Lime Away to clean my (empty) tank. Was that a good idea?:goofysca: If the tank is unuseable I won't be that mad because it will give me an exuse to buy a bigger and better one.
As long as there are no heavy metals that may be sequestered in the tank forever, you should not have a problem. Check the label though as I am not familiar with what all is in that cleaning product. Obviously, plenty of rinses would also be a good idea.


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