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What kind of lighting do you have?


Blue Ring
May 4, 2007
This is a question that has always plagued me, I have had mult. blue rings and have kept them under black lights and they have done fine... Im looking into keeping a bimac shorty and want to get the lighting perfect. I know 10,000k is the way to go, but I want a more blue spectrum in the aquaium(for personal pleasure). Can I 50/50? 10k and atintic? Full atintic? Black light? Has anybody had any luck with any of these combos?
Yes, stay away from actinics, metal halides, power compacts, etc.
Most labs don't even use lighting with their octopuses and other cephs - the light they have is ambient light.

A fluorescent light is fine - we've never done a poll, but I iimagine most people are using 10,000K.

We have mercs (nocturnal pygmies) and use a set of 5 LED dome lights (24 bulbs each), three white two blue and a sixth red. The white and blue stay on only during the day, the red is on 24/7. It is not great lighting to show off the tank but I have almost no algae and can keep a sea fan alive long enough for my urchins to eat it :roll:. The mushrooms don't grow huge like in my reef and look brown, not red but they survive. Also, I see a lot more of my serpent stars so there are some positive trade-offs.

You could also consider all red, all the time for a different effect but I would think a bimac might want some brighter ambient for part of the "day".

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