what ceph do you keep?


Most of us don't have cephs. How about a poll about which ceph would you most like to keep?

Personally, I would always plump for an Ordovician nautiloid. I could make loads of money from the press coverage! :lol:
Man all these 'blunders' are real embarassing :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: . well i guess the alcoholic plushes count. I didnt specify living or non living ceph and don't feel like re-editing, so why not? :bugout: :bonk: :bugout: :bonk: :bugout: :bonk:
..... why has only 1 person voted squid (me)?

It reminds me of an election we had here many years ago (~ 20) when one candidate got 1 vote only (and the cameras showed the candidate, his wife and teenager son all voting). I remember the news reporter making some quip to the effect "and we all know who that was" when it came to the single vote :oops:
There is no option for Palaeozoic Nautiloid. Bummer.

I could have made quite a lot of cash with one of those. :ammonite: :lol:

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