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what are the ramifications of feed an octo Fresh water Crustaceans?


Jul 27, 2004
Like if i set a trap up in the local river and come back with 20 Crawfish and provided that Megas eats them are the nutritional requirements being met?

Same question about Ghost Shrimp. Last thing i want to do is stuff Megas full of food he cant use.

is it possible for Octopus to overeat.
Megas has eaten EVERYTHING in his tank in 2 days
that 2 emerald matrix crabs 8 hermit crabs 4 clams.
seems excessive for a critter his size
As far as I can find out, octopuses will not overeat - they will refuse food (or just not hunt) when they are full. It's a much better problem to have an octo that is eating a lot than one who is not eating.

Young octopuses need a lot of food because they are growing and Megas had gone some time without eating. Also, how big is Megas (mantle length, arm length)? He looks a bit larger than some of the baby octos.

You can supplement his diet with crawfish or ghost shrimp but he should be offered mostly food from a saltwater environment - shrimp, crabs, snails, mussels (probably fresh and cracked), scallops, etc. The shimp can be frozen, unthawed.

Minnows and other freshwater items can be used, like Nancy said, but you would be better off using saltwater prey...the last thing you need is a crawfish full of toxins from runoff going down your octos gullet!
Most fish stores carry whole clams, mussels, and the like...as well as whole fish and shrimp, in their freezer section...

Food quality crawfish are farm raised and are for sale live, sometimes even in grocery stores. They are too large for a small bimac but you can pick out the small females (they have small claws) for an adult bimac. However, some of the farm raised ones can be as big as small lobsters (!), so avoid these.

I used them only as an occasional treat, maybe one a month.


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