Were to get a whole Octopus.......

Jan 6, 2003
Does anyone know were I can buy a dead Octopus whole with everything even the organs and Ink sac???Iv went to pathmark and all those inland markets but the organs are gutted and pulled out. Im not to shore about the fish market. If any of you have dissected an octopus were did you happen to get the body at???
:frown:Sad to say, but I did run across one on Ebay when I typed in octopus.

It was in formaldahyde. Even had pictures of it......

If I thought there was a market for 'pickled octopus' I'd have been on to it a LONG time ago!!!

Tiz all a little gruesome mind you .... pickling the poor things for retail. Having said that, however, I'd do anything for a preserved Nautilus (that is with the animal intact). Now the last thing I want is for someone to go out and collect one of these animals and preserve it for retail (I most certainly do NOT want this), but if someone has a pet and it dies :cry: and they could preserve it then I'd repay them handomsly (in exchange for .... whatever they want).
Steve - I agree it was very sad to come across someone selling one on ebay. As to your second comment, I do have a pet one from about 15 years ago, in formaldehyde in my closet. I would give it to ya if I could figure out how to ship. It's in a glass jar. Had him for about 9 months. Think it was a bimac.

Hi Carol. I've heard of skeletons in closets, but preserved octopus? Actual, I have a preserved bimac .... what I'm really keen on getting is the preserved Nautilus. But thanks buckets anyway.
Yea I saw an octopus in ebay also but it sorta looks all frozed up and hard. I wan't one that's still how it's sopposed to be so I can dissect it easier. Octopuses preserved in jars make me cry.
'Octopuses preserved in jars make me cry.'

......but disecting them makes you................ hungry?
i don't know about dissection, but my love for cephlopods has never prevented me from eating them. My theory is that when I pass on I'll be buried at sea and they will all have a fair chance for revenge. However, I would much rather have an octo in a fishtank or on my plate than in a jar - thats for sure. :cry:
Yea I agree. And dissecting an octopus doesn't make me hungry at all but makes me happy to get the chance to learn and explore the anatomy of an Octopus. Tjough I never got the chance to dissect an octopus because all the octopus NEVER have the organs in there bodies.
a source of preserved cephalopods?

You can try a biological supply house that sells preserved specimens for educational purposes, such as Carolina Biological Supply Company. I know they have preserved squids, not sure about other Cephalopods. You can call their order line 1-800-334-5551 and ask to speak to someone in Preserved Materials or look on the web site www.carolina.com. I'm not sure whether they can sell to individuals or just to educational institutions and businesses.

Thanks Lisa; indeed they do sell whole and sectioned Nautilus shells:

...(hope that link works) and very cheap too (I would imagine, by US$ standards); a lot of work must go into sectioning those shells like that! I don't want to drop them a line to see if they can procure the animal, as I don't want one specifically collected for this purpose (I would hope that the shells that they do section are beach-drift specimens).

OK, the link didn't work (Ed) .... but if you click on the search bar top right (I recall) and type Nautilus in a the new window you'll get 4 Nautilus items, whole, half and completely sectioned with siphuncle visible, and an expensive ?box? Happily no animals though (as opposed to sadly) - I don't think the populations could sustain collection for preserved-animal marketing (I trust those shells that they section are beach-drift collected!!).
Steve - I must have been 1/2 asleep when I read your post!!! Totally missed you were looking for a Nautilus!!!!

That Fish Place had one for sale about a year ago. Was fascinating to watch!


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