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well a 30 gallon is all I have

Apr 20, 2005
I have a 29 gallon tank and would like to get a Bimaculoides octopus common name 2 spot octopus. Iv read some threads and internet sites. some say 25 gallon tank minumum for a bimaca some say 50 Im building a sump wich should bring the water volume up to at least 35 gallons would this be enough. I cant get a larger tank. I do now that they sell dawf octopus but ware Iv spent the last couple of days looking for good octopus but the only thing Iv found is a Bimac and a vian octopus. both say 50 gallons. I will give my octopus lots of live food and give him lots of love, atention, things to play with, and hiding places just the tank space is going to be a little cramped. Allso if I do get a Bimac should I raise him/her from egg? thanks in advance sorry for the spelling :oops: :sink:

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