Hi! Potential new octopus owner but one main question!


Feb 13, 2021
Hi! I am very new to this forum so i hope I am doing this right. My name is Luke and am thinking about getting an octopus (I have experience with fish and tanks but not octopods)
I have been doing lots of research but I have one overlying question: I play drums guitar and piano and produce music, the guitar piano and music production can be done with headphones, but the drums cannot I’m afraid! I have read that octopuses would be distressed by this and before I start researching ways around it I figured I was ask the experts if this would truly distress the octopus because the worst thing that could happen would for me would be to be disturbing the octopus without knowing. so all in all would this be a dealbreaker for getting an octopus ( I was thinking a bimac) and any suggestions around It are welcome! (sorry for the long post)
Years ago we had someone in the same situation. Remember, octopuses don’t hear like we do, only the deepest sounds. So the band practiced in the same room with the octopus and the octopus danced! I’m sure there are others who can respond to this with other examples. I’m in the hospital right now (recovering from pneumonia) so I can’t access my information at home.

Hi Nancy, thank you so much for taking time out of your recovery to reply to my question. Now i can keep researching and maybe start preparing for the long process of getting my tank ready for an octo!
Hope you make a quick and successful recovery!
Thank you, Luke. Good luck with your octopus project! Bimacs are wonderful octopuses to keep. I enjoyed having my Ollie very much.

My stereo is on the same wall as my octopus tank, and there hasn’t ever been a problem. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that octopuses never seem to react to recorded sounds (tv and stereo) the same way they do to live noise (daughters playing cello or running vacuum). I’d love to see more of us experiment with that!
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