Weird Tonmo thing

Jul 31, 2003
tonmo this is especlly to you:

When I got on this evening I typed in on my browser and came here. Then I hit enter message board and then "View posts since last visit" It said "No topics or posts met your search criteria" and I was surprised. I dont know what happened but tonmo can you make it so the posts will stay there for a few extra minutes or have like a "View posts directly before last visit"?

Thanks if you can!

Hi Jesse,

Tip #1: When coming to, type "" in your browser, not "". It can make a difference.

Tip #2: If you open more than one instance of your Web browser, and both are pointing to, your "View Posts Since Your Last Visit" will be cleared. If you play it right, you can access your most recent list of posts all day if you like.

Tip #3: Drink lots of tea.

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