Feb 27, 2003
The eggs started to hatch tonight!!!!!!!!!!! 8) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

30+ hatched in the tank and disappeared in the LR before i got the rest away from Jetta :bonk: , with alot of help from Alicia :notworth: Thank you for your bravery :wink: I have 15 so far in containers and still hatching. :bugout: This is so cool YIPPEEEEEEE :heee: :heee: :heee: :heee: :heee: :heee:
Congratulations, Debbie and Jetta!

And some news for the rest of you - I'm going to be taking a few of the hatchlings and trying to raise them, too. So I'll be back in the octo business!

Wonderful news...hatching time is always exciting ! Keep us all posted...fingers are crossed !
ok i have a total of 23 that hatched outside of the tank :roll: all in containers,,16 more went to Alicia at 5th day, all are ok as well today and all are eating :biggrin2: So a total of 39 was put into containers. God only knows how many hatched in the tank, I hand 8 clutches altogether and only two clutches were taken out, that were left for the taking..... Pictures will be up soon.

Thanks to Nancy for coming over and getting her new 6 babies :notworth: ,,, Hope all goes well with them :smile: What an experience this has been :rainbow: One my whole family will never forget :smile:

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