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Water Temp.


Sep 30, 2005
OK, I realize that for a bimac the water temp. should be 65-72 degrees from reading the ceph care page. However, I cannot get my water to drop below 76. Is anyone else having success keeping a bimac at this temp, or do I have to get it lowered no matter what?

And on that note, how do you lower it? I saw the price of chillers and just about collapsed. Any other ways?
Hi Nikoli,

Many tropical reefers cool their tanks by using one or more 'muffin' fans blowing across the surface of the tank or sump. The resultant evaporation usually results in several degrees of cooling.

This might be less effective at lower tank temps so I'd suggest that you try it with whatever household fan you have available before committing a lot of resources to the installation. Keep in mind that evaporative cooling means that you'll need to top off the aquarium more often. Many reefers report needing a gallon or more a day of RO to replace what has evaporated from a modest sized tank.

Other possibilities could be to move the tank lights further away from the water and lower the temperature of the room.

Coolly yours,

OK. Maybe I should have said before that I heard about using a fan to blow across the top of the water, however having an octo...I can't do that because of escapes. I'm not using a wet/dry, so don't have a sump. So......what to do?
All my bimacs, Hermin, Ink, Inklet and Gimpy have had tank temps of 79 to 80 with a little lower in the winter and have lived their lives to the fullest. In the summer, I keep a room airconditioner on. Think the powerhead on the protein skimmer keeps it around 75 during the winter.
Thanks so much for the info. from all of you.
That makes me feel so much more secure knowing they can tolerate it if there is a slight rise in temp.
I have always had temp issues, Bimacs will tolerate it. However the fan idea does work well, I use it on my reef tank, do you use a hood on your ocot tank? Or do you ahev a glass top, if you have glass You could replace it with sheet acrylic with some holes thats you could place computer fans over... Just an Idea.
I have a glass top.
On another note. I have two light strips one actinic and one white. At night, can I use the actinic as my night viewing light? Or is that too much?

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