want to have still photos of your fav cephalopods?


Nov 4, 2006
Hi, does anyone interested on having a microscope? I got one, I purchased my scope on an online microscope store, the truevisionmicroscopes.com, the scope I had really works very well on my application. Connecting the scope to the usb camera and laptop this is to capture still photos, this is also one of the most hottest area in microscopy.

Hi, theGreat. Your post strikes me as in a grey area in terms of whether it's spam or not; I'm glad that you've read the site enough to know that we like cephs and you're quite right that a lot of us would love having cool microscopes. You also haven't posted anything that indicates you are interested in participating here in any way other than to have us buy microscopes, though. I think the "marketplace" forum would be a more approriate place for this type of thing, if "the ultimate authority" Tony thinks it's within reason. I'm sure that some of the participants in "physiology and biology" and "fossils and history" are interested in microscopes, but I'd prefer discussion be limited to cephalopod science topics. Perhaps if you described how you use microscope model XYZ to count statolith rings or something, and how it's better than model ZYX for that, it'd be good to have here, but frankly, your post sounds like a pre-canned microscope commercial that you just added "cephalopods" to the title to make it specific to this site. I apologize if you're actually interested in cephaloods as much as you are in selling microscopes, but I sure don't get that impression from your post...
My octopus may be a dwarf, but I don't think he's small enough to fit under a microscope... maybe larvae, or eggs. But then they likely wouldn't be viable. Study skin pigmentation maybe?

I actually took a sample of algae to work with me, to view under the microscope there and see what kind of funky critters are running around in my tank. I did in fact find quite a variety of pods and worms too small to see without the magnification that I would have never known were there before.

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