[Video]: Lil' Pumpkin (2)

the habitat seems very interesting, i would like to know about what you have in there and if you have a pic of the tank i would be interested in seeing it, from the video it looks really cool
The tank has base rock - lava rock, large barnicle. Lots of shells! And the plants are leftovers from when the tank was fresh :mrgreen: ! Was gonna take them out but Lil P likes to race through them like a monkey!!! Will post a tank picture soon!

Hi Joel! He had just taken a crab from my hand at the top of the tank, which I filmed also, but liked his graceful decent the most! He spent about 3 minutes getting ready to release the glass!!!

Nancy - Is that what you call it? That is the first time I have ever seen him do the jet swimming!!! I think he was trying to get my attention!! Ya know.... The FEED ME mode!!!! He deffinately lets me know when he's hungry!!!

And yes, the plants are artificial, for a freshwater tank, but Lil P likes to swing like a monkey from them so I'm gonna leave them!!! :mrgreen: