[Video]: Belemnites 101 (By Phil Eyden)


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May 30, 2000
Phil has produced a great instructional video on Belemnites, taking TONMO.com Multimedia to a whole new level! The sound kicks in after a few moments... Enjoy!

Ceph Video Gallery

And thanks Phil!! :notworth:
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That's a beautiful video, Phil, but does this mean that those aren't actually Thor's "thunderbolts"? :belemnit:
hey Phil
I saw you only had a few species of belemnites on your video. Woudl you like somemore species as i have like 10 species that you dont have on the video. Plus i have some huge cylindroteuthis pusoziana belemnites like 9 inchs to 10 inchs long.
Phil, a milestone in multi-media history has been made 10/10, geat score again ! Jamie is so impressed he's gonna give you a jamboree bag of his belemnites WTG Fossilkid !

hey spartacus no im not going to give any belemnites away. But what i mean is belemnite pictures. I will take some pictures of the species that phil needs.
Thanks chaps, glad you liked it. It's was just a bit of fun really but it certainly kept me amused (and frustrated) for a few hours putting it together - it's surprising how long it takes to do these things with all the taking photos, cropping, enhancing, captions etc...etc...

Yes fossilkid, I only had half a dozen photos of actual fossils in the video but I could only use what I have at home. Much as I would have liked to have used better images off the net, one runs into copyright issues. I could have fired off e-mail after e-mail asking for permissions to use, but then it would have snowballed and, to be honest, I just couldn't be bothered with all that palaver.

If you have any images, I'd willing take them, but I can't imagine re-editing the thing anytime soon as I'd rather make a different one. Maybe ammonites? Maybe the Norse god angle, eh Erich? :cool2:

I have put a copy on YouTube to hopefully attract viewers to this website. Not that I imagine that there are many people out there who actively search for belemnoids on a public video site, but maybe I'm wrong?
fossilkid25;79724 said:
Woudl you like somemore species as i have like 10 species that you dont have on the video. Plus i have some huge cylindroteuthis pusoziana belemnites like 9 inchs to 10 inchs long.

Much that I'd hate to appear a pedant Jamie but no mention of just pictures there :razz:
I've a huge collection of belemnites (not necessarily a huge no. of species though) collected after excavating the necessary excavations in order to construct my own personal sewage treatment system, all of which Phil is welcome to if he can raise the postage !

Hey Spartacus
If phil wanted some belemnites of mine that i have for trades ect then he can have them for free if he pays postage but he will have to wait until i go out collecting belemnites again. Im more into marine reptile and mammals now so i just leave all the belemnites on the ground as they are too heavy to carry loads back or even 1 or 2 as i need all the space in my bag for mammal bones and marine reptile fossils.
nowt so queer as folk ! eh Kevin
Always amazes me that palaeontology with it's countless fascinating subjects to chose from (who can question the thrill of digging up huge skulls full of huge dagger like teeth or filling your house with the shells of extinct cephalopods) would inspire people to specialize in statoliths or gastroliths or musical sutures ? Each to their own I 'spose but mammals ? perrlease !:roll:

hey spartacus
How do you know your belemnite specimens are better. Mine are better because they are british. All the french fossils i see on the web especially the hectioceras and crenioceras are rubbish from france. The preservation of fossils in france is really bad. try moving to england (land of the best invertebrate fossils of the world) and you will see the types of preservation in fossils. Plus here are the species of belemnite i could offer you guys : Belemnopsis bessina , Cylindroteuthis pusoziana , Hibolithes hastata, Belemopsis depressa and langonibolus sp (not sure about how to spell it)

So how many jurassic specimens do you have ? spartacus. Plus are they preserved well ?
Hmmm....I think Spartacus knows all about Merrie Olde Englande, he's only recently moved out to Gaul! I'm sure you are just having a joke Jamie, but I don't really see much point in playing fossil jingoism, i.e "my country's fossils are better than yours"...etc. I'm sure we'd all agree with the opinion that fossils are our common heritage and should be of equal interest no matter where they are found (except those ghastly mammals, of course :cyclops:). After all, our national borders were meaningless in the Triassic!

From what little I've seen some crackingly well preserved belemnoids have been found in France, for example the weird pear-shaped Duvalia is a commonly found belemnite in SE France. Indeed, France has been home to some amazing fossil cephalopods that have been found no-where else in the world, e.g the primitive octopus Proteroctopus, the vampyromorph Vampyronassa and the dibranchate teuthid Gramadella. None of these are known from Britain. On the other hand, I'm sure Britain has a few fossil species unknown in France; it really doesn't matter.

Thanks for the belemnite offer Jamie, that's very kind. I may be in touch.

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