using an octo as a company logo...


Jan 17, 2006

me and my mom have a small buiness of fixing computers.
the name of the buisness is "hands-on computer expertise". today over dinner we were trying to figure otu what our logo could be. suddenly, it dawned on me. an octopus. get it? hands on (an octo has 8 "hands") computer expertise (octos are smart).

so, we are trying to figure out how to do it.

so far we have come up with an octo on top of a computer monitor holding a motherboard/pci card in a tntical, and a mouse in the other.

the main thing is, that it needs to be very... uh.... "cute"...

any ideas?

Octo's drip salt water every where, salt water and computers don't mix IMHO.

I suggest alight pink or purple color, and ratherstubby tenticles.
take your idea to a local college, or advertise on craigslist for a graphic designer...give them the parameters, and get three or four different designs done, then pick one. Piece of cake.
Something like this?


If this is close, I wouldn't mind being "in the running" if you bid it out. :smile:
@ m blue, WOW!

thats great!
i will send it tom y mom, see how she likes it...

that is really, really good though.

Michael Blue;94109 said:
Thanks! I threw it together rather quickly, so I'm sure it could stand some tweaking...Just let me know what you'd like changed...

actually, it looks perfect!:biggrin2:

Wow Michael Blue, that is some good, short work you've done there! Having been in the market looking for a good logo in years past, I know that these things do not typically come easily or cheaply... You might consider a side job for this!
Wow, thank for all the kind words! I have considered graphic design as a career, but never was able to get a start. Also, I have a real "hit or miss" style, that (like the cuttlefish I posted before) can have not so terrific results at times.

Chris, I was thinking this would be a little better with smoother surfaces and a more round head, but if you like it without the changes I can leave it as well.

The original is an Illustrator file, so I can scale it to literally any size and can submit copies in nearly any file format imaginable.

I've also been recording original music for years, and have uploaded several files for Thales, hoping he'd use them in his Ceph videos, but my music is much like my Illustrating; very "hit and miss". If anyone's interested, they're generally very "soundtrack" like, and use a blend of natural ethnic instruments and modern/retro synth sounds, generally with laid-back rhythms. I can PM links if anyone's working on a project and would consider them.

Chris, you have a PM.

Thanks again!
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