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Urgent question for anyone who can answer

Jul 24, 2003
Ok folks, nice one if you can answer this........

Ive been to see the tank im gettin and its perfect, meant to be pickin it up on sunday, just one snag.......

The inside vertical measurment of the cabinet is 57 cm, give or take a few millimetres.

Now im goin to stand my skimmer in the sump (allow 10mm for glass) and was goin to get a Deltec 600 or a Turbo floater 1000.

Problem is they are both 60 cm high. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Also i suppose i would require some clearence above, oh poo!!!

So they are out of the question, therefore do you know of a equivelent skimmer, a mate said he reckons the MC500 maybe alright?????? Im about to look it up.

The fella who owns the tank used to have a prisim skimmer in there (he ran a reef) but what do you think of those? Personally im not sure about em, what ja reckon?

In case you wanna know the tank holds about 40 uk gallons and the sump about 15 uk gallons maybe 20.

I want the highest possible standard of water quality available and really dont wish to cut corners in that department.

Do you think the prisim is any good?

Or what about the MC500?

Know any others that will fit?

Ive now gotta decide whether i get the tank or not. The skimmer outside the tank is not an option.

Mucho Thanks in advance..........
We really like our prizm skimmer, quiet & efficient. It's the hang on the side kind, so it doesn't really heat up the water. If you want to get some reviews tho, check reefcentral.com

Good luck!
Nice one for the quick response Shannen. :thumbsup:

Its quite varied in there isnt it. hhmmmm not sure.

Didnt like one bloke sayin if you can go better, go better.......

But then others swore by it.

oh dear, its friday and im meant to be gearing up to get drunk now....

Right phone calls in order.......
ok if i go for this tank, it looks like its gunna have to be the Deltec MC 500 unless anybody else has any ideas?

Has anybody any experience of the MC 500?

Its a bit expensive at £187 but maybe i can get a 2nd hand one...

Dunno im goin to get drunk and will leave this for when most wake up over the water!!!
Scouse.. dunno about the skimmer, never used one but i do know that Prism is the bottom of the range skimmer along with the seaclone... both of which get slated frequently and i have now got experience with both of them... seaclone was my first and i gave it away!
Cheers mate,

As it happens I got the tanik which is lookin cool, all nice an cleaned up.

The sump is some mad L shape thing, and im goin to rearrange some of its compartments. Although I have to get a skimmer first so I can arrange around.

The Deltect MC 500 is the safest bet I think, had a look at one in the LFS and it seems perfect, just means I'll find somewhere online sellin em. Gunna get a new one aswell if I can for about 150 quid.

My god....everything seems to be a hundred quid here a hundred quid there.....!!!

All I need now are,

live rock
Rowaphos reacter (undecided as yet)

Im writin this out for myself more than anything, all thou i suppose it will make it easy for someone to follow.......

Should be up an runnin in a month!!!!!!!

WWhhooooo hhhooooooo!!!!!!
okay LOL, i just asked on the other thread what equipment you still needed to buy!

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