update on spot


Sep 30, 2003
ive been busy so i havent had much time for the internet but spot is ding great, he is very active and always out, he eats like a pig, i gave him a large peice of shrimp and then i gave the stra a smaller peice, the star had the almost entirly into its orifice and spot came over and pulled it out and took it :lol: i guess the star is stuck with a diet of octo detrius
Glad to hear that Spot, our mystery octo, is doing so well. Yes, please post some pics!

You might also want to enter Spot and your tank in our Octo Databse.
Just click on Octo DB in the bar at the top of the page.

i play with through the glass he likes to follow my finger around, ive let it grab my finger a few times but im a nit apprehensive about letting it crwl all the way onto me, he seems somewhat agressive and im sure hell beak me, although he is small and its not suposed to hurt much, i guess its that natural instinct to avoid injury, mybe eventually ill let him crawl up onto my hand. i also play tug of war with the feeder stick he seems to enjoy that :smile:

as soon as i can get some more cool pics ill post them

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