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May 30, 2000

It turns out that lunch is not an option for us. The convention hall only allows catering from one source, and that source is expensive. Costs to feed you animals would range from $20 - $30 per person, and our registration fee just doesn't cover that.

There were a few people who registered at a time when we were promising lunch (before I had changed the page to specify that the registration fee may not include lunch). They know who they are, since I wrote them about a month ago. I'll follow up again with those individuals to see what we can do, since their expectations can't be met.

Next step is to finalize the agenda. I'll be working with Erich, Melissa and the presenters on this. In any case, looks like we'll need to bake in an hour for a lunch break, for us to go out and fend for oursevles. Perhaps we could take to the Bay and spear-hunt for fish.

While the hour for lunch will hurt, the good news is that we have the convention hall from 7am to 6pm. I'm suggesting we should get started at 8am, giving a few of us that hour to set up. So plan to get up early and stuff your face with food to hold you over until lunch.

To that end, we are considered a "non-profit", and therefore there is a "self-cater" option, which will allow us to bring things like finger foods and snacks (cookies, punch, that kind of thing). Under this option, ice is not provided, so any stuff we bring must be pre-chilled. Self-catering is NOT meant to be an option to provide full meals to people. If you have any ideas or can volunteer re: providing snacks for the masses, please contact me.

Also, non-profit groups have to do their own clean-up. So, as you guys are getting ready to go out to dinner and some bar, I'll be swathing the convention hall rug with a vacuum provided by our hosts. Please think of me before you throw confetti after Dr. O'Shea's presentation.

I will be getting the insurance and making the payment to the convention hall this week. If you haven't registered yet but know you will be going, please go ahead and register if you can, thanks!
If I was going...

I'd make you all some piklets (small pancakes), its the only thing I cook well.

How about getting pizza sent in??? Get all to chip in a few dollars..Well the convention let you bring food in???

Cheers, KRin
i'll do what i can to help

if you need any help from a local i am very happy to help. I really could help with anything. just email me with any questions. :smile:
The convention center will not let us bring in any foods except "self-catered" "finger foods" -- example given was "cookies and punch" -- meant to be a snack, not a full meal.
it all determines how one defines self catered, for example, I could call for pizza to be deliveryed in front of the convention buidling and bring it in and I can call that self-catered, can I?
Most convention halls out here will only let you bring in things like chips (no salsa), soft drinks, etc. Any type of actual food, and they will just fine the venue renter...so, I think maybe we should just all tighten our belts for lunch, or figure out a way to go someplace close, eat, and get back. I don't eat lunch, so it no big deal to me...while everyone is at lunch, some of us could be setting up the afternoon programs?

And Tony, of course we will help clean up !

Maybe we could arrange for lunch in a park? I seem to remember there's some typical city grass+picnic tables park in Monterey, although I don't know that it's near the convention center. (actually, I haven't looked up where the CC is-- but I think where I'm thinking of is a ways from the aquarium...)

Anyway, I care almost not at all about formality at an event like this, so I'd be happy to go outside and sit by a fountain or something-- I'd be fine just scheduling an hour break for people to find chow, and then maybe collaborate on getting some picnic type food from a supermarket or something, or just go en masse or in small groups to some restaurant near the CC.
The CC is at one end of the main drag in Monterey, so it's near several different places to eat. Perhaps our various Monterey-area members will have recommendations nearby, so that our one-hour lunch won't be spent finding a nearby meal but not having the time to eat it. The CC is a 15-20 minute walk from the wharf/aquarium, so obviously going there for lunch will be impractical, but I've been assured that there is plenty to choose from in the vicinity of the Conference Center. I'm with Greg here - not a big devourer of breakfast or lunch, actually, not counting coffee - but I'm used to being in the minority on this score.
heres a list of all the restaurants right on cannery row. theyre all about a minute walk from the aquarium and all serve seafood.
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. & Market (my favorite)
Bullwacker's Restaurant & Pub
El Torito
Louie Linguini's Seafood Shack
Monterey Jack's Fish House
Sly McFly's Refueling Station
The Chart House
The Fish Hopper Restaurant
The Sardine Factory Restaurant
Whaling Station Prime Steaks & Seafood
a rabid squid said:
heres a list of all the restaurants right on cannery row. theyre all about a minute walk from the aquarium and all serve seafood.

don't we need a similar list for near the Convention Center, rather than cannery row? Erich just posted that it's a 20min walk from the CC to the aquarium...

Looking at google local/maps, it appears the CC is near Lighthouse Ave and Pacific St, which, IIRC, are two of the "main drags" of Monterey. There is also a little green square called "Jack's Park" ( see link)
and the municipal warf and fisherman's warf are nearby, which sound like promising outdoor eating places.

Google says
these are nearby restaurants...if you scroll up a bit, there are a bunch on fisherman's warf as well.

This is just for hints, I assume locals will know good restaurants better than google, of course!
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