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Update on Florence w/piper


O. vulgaris
Mar 25, 2004
Well Florence (bimac) is about two months old now and growing fast hes so incredibly smart. Now every time i come in the room he starts jetting around in front of the glass and begging for crabs. Hes worse than my dog!!!! Today i decided to mix it up a little bit. I put in a pipefish after due consideration and Florence was so curious. he wouldnt leave the bag alone while it acclimated. So i was pretty nervous but once i let him loose Florence followed him all around for like 15 minutes then he finally grabbed him and realized he was either too big or not enough meat... ?? But ever since then he has left him alone if i see any signs of real aggresion I will take the piper to the reef if its not too late. Thank you all for your advice I will take it all in
Good deal ! Some of the other members have had luck with seahorses in with their octos...guess it is just up to the taste of the octo !
yeah, so far still no problems and the pipefish is much more settled in now and is roaming the whole tnak so maybe i will kick back up the flow... I dont know how to reduce the picture size to a size that lets me post it so no pics yet... I am also changing my feeding method to have crabs in the tank all the time instead of feeding him when i want to. i think this will keep his mid off piper hopefully. any ideas on where to buy frozen or live mysis shrimp??? thank you,
You can get a great bit of free software off the net for photoshop applications (such as resizing, etc) at:
with photoshop or gimp, cut and crop the area you want visible...that way you eliminate the dross, and get the good stuff !

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