trying again...

Feb 24, 2005
well yesterday i got in two octopus. one is a briarius and the other i think was a vulgaris. while the vulgaris was acclimating it was fine and trying to crawl out the bucket etc. as soon as it hit the water in the tank it went to the bottom curled up its tenticals and let out a super thick ink that just clotted around its intake. needless to say he died. now the briarius on the other hand did fine through acclimation and went in the tank and started crawling around in the back and i havent seen it since. i assume its alive since i dont see a body anywhere. i have no clue what caused the first one to die but hopefully this second one will be fine. anyway ill keep yall updated and i think im gonna name him/her captain ahab due to the fact that its missing half a leg.:roll:
im getting them through a friend of mine that owns a fish store and can get them pretty regularly through his supplier.

update on ahab...

there is a den! yes! this means hes doing well! i saw it for the first time in 24 hours. just a tenticle tip but it was colorful and good looking not the tell tale death sign of the corkscrew. this is good. also there is already one empty hermit or snail shell in front of the hole so this means that A> hes eating already or B> hes closing in the door. either way its a good sign. im still waiting for it to do some exploring but considering the fate of the last four or five octopus ive had brought in this is definitly an improvement. i really hope this keeps up.
Finally some good octopus news! I wonder where your LFS' distributor is getting briareus? I might have to ask my shop to check their lists.

im not sure but i do know that he talks to the diver in florida every week and tells him to get a couple octos

update on ahab
stilll sitting in the den just ignoring the outside world... much like myself... he has not come out yet that i have seen but he is still venturing out with 1 tenticle.
Joefish, briareus is a nocturnal species (although they seem to adapt and become more day active). Your octo may be coming out at night.

i know... he has moved out of the den now and is just sitting between a rock and the back glass... hes been there for about half of the day now and hopefully he is just hanging out and not stressing out on me...
i had a problem with mine coming out of his den. i never saw him. i figured out that It was because I was keeping his food supply in his tank. The octopus never had to leave so i simply put the food in a seporate tank and when he came out I gave him a crab or shrimp or whatever. Thats probably not a good idea with a new octopus because they have to adapt to the tank first.
ive got about a dozen fiddler crabs + hermits and snails to get him started. once they get low ive got an ample supply of fiddlers in another tank to feed him with

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